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Powered by EndpointLock™ Keystroke Encryption Device Protection


Partner with an identity protection benefit that offers the same cyber protection used by top financial institutions and the military. 


Help your employees improve their cybersecurity with a product that can also protect your company when they use business applications.

Identity Protection for Employees 

CyberIDLock has revolutionized 
personal Identity Protection with Keystroke Encryption that starts protecting an employee’s digital life the second they begin typing 

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Hackers can't steal what they can't see

CyberIDLock changes identity theft protection by extending device protection to the keystroke. EndpointLock™ Keystroke Encryption blocks keylogging spyware, the #1 method used to steal passwords and other sensitive information as it's typed into your device. This is very different from the software you get with other ID Theft Protection plans such as antivirus. Studies show that a majority of malware infections cannot be detected by antivirus. VPN’s help establish an encrypted private connection between your computer and the internet, however if spyware is installed on the device, your credentials and other sensitive data can be captured as you type. Keystroke encryption addresses this security gap by encrypting everything typed into a device so hackers can’t steal what they can’t see.

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Unparalleled Protection

Our plan is different from any other plan on the market 



In addition to our unparalleled Keystroke Encryption software, CyberIDLock also includes white glove identity protection, restoration and remediation and $1,000,000 in personal identity theft coverage.


Keystroke Encryption

EndpointLock protects keystroke data by creating an alternate AES 256 bit encrypted pathway, routing the data around the area of vulnerability allowing you to keep everything you type, text and email private.


Credit Monitoring and Score Tracker

Credit Monitoring alerts of key changes in your credit file such as new lines of credit to ensure any identity theft event is recognized and, with the help of your Recovery Advocate, handled quickly and effectively. Monthly Score Tracker tracks your credit score over time.


Dark Web Scanning

Reports if your email address has been found in any stolen databases on the dark web. This lets you know which of your accounts and associated personal information might be at risk and we provide simple steps to prevent further compromise.


Fully Managed Recovery and Remediation

This service provides you with peace of mind knowing that if you ever fall victim to identity theft, you will have access to a Dedicated Certified Recovery Advocate. Your Advocate will work on your behalf to perform all of the tasks necessary to restore your identity.


Identity Protection

Identity Monitoring provides daily alerts of any new activity using components of your personal identifiable information including your SSN or address, which may indicate that an identity thief is attempting to use your identity for fraudulent gains.


$1 million ID Theft Coverage*

Restoring one’s good name can be an expensive process. Your identity theft coverage provides assistance and financial relief up to your plan limits for identity restoration costs, legal defense expenses and lost wages.

About Us
CyberIDLock is a product of Advanced Cyber Security

Advanced Cyber Security (ACS) is a leader in credential and data security with preventative products that fill a gap in traditional security protocol. This security gap can be used to advance an attack and has been found in the first stages of some of the biggest breaches in history.

ACS’s flagship product, EndpointLock takes a more proactive approach to protecting desktop and mobile endpoints by encrypting all keystrokes being typed into  application on any PC, iOS or Android device
It is this “preventative” layer of security at the initial input of any keystroke that differentiates ACS from other offerings in the marketplace and has attracted Fortune 500 companies to partner with ACS both for internal use and for distribution to their base of customers. 

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