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  • Liz Lindsay

Keyloggers stump Jeopardy GOATS (Greatest of all Time)

If you had a chance to catch game #6 of Jeopardy: Greatest of All Time tournament which aired on January 9, 2020 you would have seen the three best players in that show's history fail to answer two questions in the Cybersecurity category. Remember, this is Jeopardy where contestants are given the answer and need to ask the question. Of the five answers that were listed in that category, only three were questioned correctly by the panel of contestants. Let’s recap the answers and correct questions here: 1. 200 Points = This type of hacker referred to by a colorful bit of headwear helpfully tests computer systems for vulnerability. What is, "White Hat"

2. 400 Points = A website with a site certificate is one that uses encryption; this letter after http is one sign of it. What is, "S"

3. 600 Points = Companies consider cybersecurity when instructing employees with a policy on BYOD, short for this. What is, "Bring Your Own Device"

4. 800 Points = A ransomware attack that encrypted 3,800 city of Atlanta computers demanded 6 of these digital items to unfreeze them. What is, "Bitcoins"

5. 1000 Points = Beware of these types of programs that track every stroke you make while typing in an effort to glean your password. What is, "Keylogging"

Out of all five answers above, #3 and #5 returned no response from any of the contestants. It turns out that even the world's most brilliant minds are unfamiliar with the cybersecurity industry's most common terms. Experts believe that this is in fact the case for 70% of employees. This lack of cybersecurity knowledge is often exploited by cybercriminals. For this reason, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with these terms and understand how they are impacting your business. Read more about BYOD and Keyloggers and how to protect your business here.

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