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  • Liz Lindsay

Employees continue to work from home as new threats are revealed

In the past year, remote-collaboration platforms such as Teams and Zoom have become the go-to tools for information and file sharing. According to a recent report, The Veritas Hidden Threat of Business Collaboration, employees are spending, on average, two and a half hours every day on these applications, with 27% of US employees spending more than half the working week on these tools. According to the report, which polled 12,500 office workers across ten countries, it was revealed that 71% of office workers globally including 68% in the US, admitted to sharing sensitive and business-critical company data via instant message or online collaboration apps. Sensitive data being shared by employees on these platforms in the US include: client information (13%), details on HR issues (10%), contracts (10%), business plans (10%), and even COVID-19 test results (12%).

Although many of these apps support end-to-end encryption, there is still the danger of malicious keylogging spyware. Keyloggers can be unknowingly downloaded by clicking on an infected link inside an email, social media post, or web page. If a keylogger installs on your device, it could steal login credentials to your collaboration app. In addition, the keylogger can steal any sensitive information being typed into the platform before it ever gets encypted. EndpointLock Keystroke Encryption Software by ACS (Advanced Cyber Security) can protect all data typed into a device. Once installed, EndpointLock will immediately begin encrypting everything you type rendering any software keyloggers already installed, useless. Cybercriminals will always find new ways to trick unsuspecting victims into downloading malicious software onto their device. EndpointLock is a great defensive solution to the growing problem of keylogging spyware that is increasingly targeting and infecting personal devices.

Now EndpointLock comes with access to our Dark Web Scanner, which allows the

user to scan an unlimited number of email addresses and find out if any of their associated accounts have been compromised in a data breach on the Dark Web.

This knowledge will help them protect those accounts and stay one step ahead of

hackers who might try and takeover their accounts or target their email in a phishing scam.


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