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  • Liz Lindsay

Why Fortune 500 companies need Domain scanning and keystroke encryption.

Studies show that in 2019, both the reported data breaches and the number of records exposed spiked by over 50% during the Q1 2019 compared to the previous year (source: Risk Based Security). In a study conducted by ImmuniWeb, it was discovered that "more than 21 million login credentials had been stolen by hackers from Fortune 500 companies and over 16 million were stolen and put up for sale on Dark Web platforms over the past twelve months. Dark Web marketplaces are offering access to networks owned by a large number of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, 29 percent of which are banking and finance companies, 24 percent are healthcare firms, 16 percent are e-commerce firms, and 12 percent are organizations in the education sector. The tools on offer are either stolen remote access credentials, backdoor access software, Remote Access Trojans, or keyloggers." Advanced Cyber Security's Dark Web Intel Domain Scan monitors the Dark Web 24/7 for any instances of your company domain and associated domains. This helps keep you informed of your company's risk and helps to reduce and eliminate loss. With EndpointLock Keystroke Encryption, you are protecting your employees and your company from keylogging malware which steal credentials at the point of data entry and are frequently downloaded as a result of clicking on a link inside a phishing email.

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